About Me

I'm a lifelong learner, tech enthusiast and problem solver.

How I Work

I solve problems by breaking them down into their simplest forms, employing a "divide and conquer" approach to ensure effective organization and development. Prioritizing tasks based on their value, I work in iterative cycles and constantly reassess progress. To get a glimpse of my workflow, you can refer to my Trello board for this site.

In engineering and design, I make a conscious effort to keep my ego aside, firmly believing that collaboration is the key to success. Hence, I always adopt a constructive approach to feedback, maintain an open mind, and extend support to those in need.

Most importantly I enjoy the process.

My Experience

I have a bachelor of engineering in software and embedded systems from McMaster University, six years of professional experience in the tech industry and have held both development centered and leadership roles.


To get in touch or for a copy of my full resume feel free to reach out to me by email here.